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Prainha, Fog and Surf by Barbara Eckstein


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So how was your 2012?
2011??? whaat.
21 Things I’d Tell My 21 Year-Old Self



My youngest sister is turning 21 today and the best gift I can give her is my wisdom that exceeds hers by almost 10 years. So Jackie, this is for you: 21 Things I’d Tell My 21 Year-Old Self as my learnings to maybe make a couple of things easier for you than they were for me. I love you with all of my heart and there isn’t another soul on the planet quite as precious as yours.

Question everything. Not in a “damn the man” kind of way, but be curious about your conclusions and beliefs. You don’t have to change them, but just make sure they are actually yours - from your brain and conscience.

Tell the truth. Even if you think people don’t know you’re lying they sense it. Even if they don’t sense it, you know. Your integrity, whether you realize it or not, weighs heavily on your self-esteem. If you don’t tell the truth for the other person, tell it for yourself.

Stop dieting. Educate yourself. First of all, you’re beautiful. But diets are silly. Educate yourself on food, nutrition and where all the stuff you put in your body comes from. Knowledge will evoke sustainable change which will improve your health and body image.

Purge toxic people. You are too kind to keep people around who don’t make you feel wonderful about yourself. In this case quality is much better than quantity. The sooner you eliminate negative forces in your life, the sooner you will truly love your life.

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